Wednesday, October 16, 2013

2 Months

Miss Moxie is already 2 months old!  I'm sure I will say it every month, but how?  Time is flying by so quickly!

At her 2 month well baby checkup, Moxie was 24" long and weighed 8 lbs 10 oz.  She's finally above her birth weight!  She's been gaining an average of 3 oz per week since her mouth healed.  She's grown 4" in length since birth, so she still looks really lean.  We wouldn't mind if she filled out a bit, but we're glad she's gaining regardless.


- Eating
- Watching her big brother play
- Snuggling with Mama
- Talking and giggling


- Long car rides
- Tummy time

Moxie is a completely different baby than she was even a month ago.  She talks and giggles more each day and is generally a pretty content baby.  She will hang out in the swing while awake, though if she wants picked up she will quickly let you know.  She lets Daddy hold her more, but prefers that he stand up and walk around while doing so.

Moxie had her first long car trip in early October.  We went to Wisconsin to visit my in-laws.  Moxie did not care for it one bit.  We stopped twice so I could nurse her, so the trip ended up taking more than two hours longer than if we hadn't stopped.

Big brother Gene still isn't a fan.  He has said her name a couple of times, but if she's near him he tries to push her away.  One of these days he will love her.  I hope...

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  1. Yes, one day he will love her like you could never imagine.


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